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Who is the CDL School, Inc.?

  • The CDL School’s heritage dates back to 1963 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.
  • The School is licensed and approved by the appropriate agencies where we operate schools.
  • The School operates 4 offices.
  • The CDL School is nationally recognized as a high quality full service commercial driving school.
  • Full Service means, if it involves a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) then the answer is………YES we can!
  • If it involves, training or testing in any class of commercial motor vehicle The CDL School can do it for you.

The CDL School Advantage

Advantages Why this is important to You?
• Organized, flexible, and effective schedules
• You know when you start and when you will finish
• State of the art training and testing facilities  • Limited distractions and more focus during your training program
• Classroom, Vehicle, and online Training • We use all resources to maximize your learning time
• Our Regimented training approach called CDOR • A proven training approach that has worked for hundreds of thousands of students
• We employ Experienced, Licensed, Training Staff • The experience you need to learn from