I want to be employed and start a career in trucking – How I do this?

The CDL School works with many national and local employers who hire directly from our training programs. Please contact your local CDL School office to learn more about entering the transportation industry.
Why a career in transportation may be right for you

  • CURRENT DEMAND : According to the Federal Government Occupational Handbook there is a current demand for 500,000 truck drivers (light and heavy) nationwide. You will have job security as your skills will be in demand.
  • CONTINUING DEMAND : “If you’ve got it – a truck brought it.” Trucks are used to deliver food supplies, oil and gas, clothing, materials to build homes, warehouses and factories. Can you think of any industry more important to our way of life?
  • GOOD PAY AND BENEFITS : Most trucking companies are offering benefits such as paid vacations and holidays, medical and life insurance, along with competitive wages
  • CHOICE OF DRIVING OPPORTUNITIES : Today many opportunities exist in the trucking industry. You can choose from local, regional, or over the road driving jobs.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities : 70% of the companies operate 6 trucks or fewer and 78% of all trucking companies can be classified as small businesses. Many of the largest trucking carriers in the United States started as a single truck operation many years ago. Now they rank among the Fortune 500 companies. This means that you could have the potential to truly work for yourself and give your family the financial security it needs.
  • By visiting this website you have completed the first step to entering the transportation Industry.
  • We encourage you to watch our video entitled The CDL Advantage to learn more about the industry and what The CDL School can do for you.
  • Once you have done – contact us via telephone or via email and we can arrange an initial orientation interview.
  • During this interview our admissions advisors can explain our various programs and the different ways you can obtain your CDL license and enter the transportation industry.
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