• The CDL School is a full Service Truck Driving School.
  • Full Service means: If it involves a commercial motor vehicle, we have a solution!
  • Our programs range in length from a few hours to pass the exam requirements to several weeks to obtain employment.
  • Exam preparation courses are called CDL License Training courses or "CLT Programs" for short.
  • Employment courses, are referred to as "certificate/diploma programs", as they lead to a Diploma (certificate) of completion and employment.

Program Type Objectives

Side-by-Side Comparison

CDL License Training (CLT) Programs Certificate & Diploma Training Programs
CDL A, B, BP, C license CDL Class A or B, BPS, C license
NO Certificate of Completion Diploma of Licensed Educational Program
Local Job Search - using our job bank and your own contacts Guaranteed offers of employment at the beginning of the program
Fixed Pay (hourly & weekly) Performance Income – hard work rewarded
Competition for jobs with experienced drivers Extensive Career Options
Varying benefits Complete Benefit Schedule
Local Employers Publicly Recognized Employers
Sometimes difficult to obtain the required experience even with the correct license Skills & Experience always in demand

Which Program type is right for you?

A CLT Course may be right for you, IF:

  • You have some prior familiarity or experience with commercial vehicles.
  • You cannot qualify for an interstate driving position of employment or be accepted into our certified program.
  • You are unable to leave your local area.
  • You prefer hourly, or base weekly pay.
  • You are able to search for job opportunities in the local market.
  • You have a job already arranged for you.

A Diploma Course may be right for you, IF:

  • You have no experience and want advanced training to be safe & employed.
  • You wish to travel and see the US.
  • You wish to be in control of your own income.
  • You wish to have long term job security.
  • You wish to have a career and not just a job.
  • You need guaranteed benefits for your family, and need to be hired by a major carrier right out of school.
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