How To Get A CDL

Step 1

Contact us at 1800 423 5837 to arrange your information meeting, or online conversation.
Visit one of our local offices in person (walk-in or call for an appointment)

Step 2

Meet with an admissions advisor to discuss your needs, class of CDL, your timescale and your availability for taking your CDL.

Step 3

Work with the admissions advisor to design YOUR training program and the schedule that works for you to obtain your CDL.

Step 4

Enroll and schedule your training either in our class rooms, or online to take the CDL Knowledge Exam (written test) and obtain your CDL Learner’s Permit.

Step 5

Then take your vehicle training in preparation for your CDL road test (if necessary).

Step 6

Take and pass your CDL Skills Exam (vehicle exam).

Step 7

Collect your CDL from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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    Steps one through ​seven can be completed in a matter of a few days.
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    Our schedules are flexible to fit with your availability.
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    The CDL School is here to help you obtain your CDL, but also to ensure you enjoy the process and become a confident and safe driver.
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