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Receive training for a commercial driver’s license with no upfront cost with United Way Miami Workforce Project.

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How it works

Student Costs

The program finances student tuition costs and additional support services at zero upfront cost to students

Driving Student

Delivers commercial driving training that places students in better paying jobs

Costs Paying

Graduates repay the costs of their training, paying it forward into a fund to support future students in Miami

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training with no upfront cost!


  • Must be a Miami-Dade County resident
  • Enrolled in an eligible CDL training program
  • Your income in the past 12 months was equal to or below $34,000 annually OR you receive public assistance benefits
  • Meet at least one:
    • U.S. citizen, OR
    • Permanent U.S. resident, OR
    • DACA status within the U.S.

How the program benefits you!


Quality commercial driver training provided by The CDL School, a TransForce Company at no upfront cost to you.


Career support to apply your new skills in our community and make a good living while doing so.


Additional support services including: living stipends, career coaching, and job placement support.


The United Way Miami (UWM) Workforce Project is an initiative designed to upskill Miami residents and empower them to secure in-demand jobs that lead to economic mobility. It enables people in Miami-Dade County—especially veterans, people of color, and single female heads of household—to enroll in high-quality, industry-recognized job training and move into family-sustaining careers.
Participants finance their training through an income share agreement (ISA) and pay no upfront costs. Participants make payments only if they obtain a job after graduation earning more than a certain income threshold.

The CDL School’s Class A Master and Class B Intermediate Courses are eligible training programs in the UWM Workforce Project. Class A Master and Professional Program prepares students to receive their Commercial Driver’s License for all long-haul transportation vehicles such as commercial trailers, tractor trailers, and semi-trailers. Class B Intermediate Course prepares students to receive their Commercial Driver’s License for lighter vehicles such as a straight truck or a bus.

To qualify, you must be a Miami-Dade County resident, enrolled in an eligible training program, AND meet ONE of the following criteria:
· You are a U.S. citizen, OR
· You are a permanent U.S. resident, OR
· You have DACA status within the U.S.
You must also meet at least ONE of the following:
· Your income in the past 12 months was equal to or below $34,000 annually OR
· You currently receive public assistance benefits such as: SNAP, TANF, SSI, Medicaid, Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8), WIC, and/or EITC.

Preference will be given to applicants who identify as members of the priority population (veterans, people of color, single female heads of household).

After you complete the application, Leif (the servicer) will run a hard credit check. You are ineligible for this project if you meet either of the following financial knock-out criteria:
· You have accounts in collection greater than $5,000 OR
· You are a debtor in an open bankruptcy proceeding.

· No upfront tuition for the eligible training program.
· Option to receive a living stipend of up to $400/week (up to $1,600 paid out monthly) for any life expenses that come up during the program. Note: You would need to repay this stipend as part of your ISA contract.
· Access to a financial coach and a case manager.
· Access to an emergency assistance fund for unexpected, one-time expenses.
· Access to other supportive services such as legal assistance, veteran support, etc.

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, then:
1. Fill out form on this webpage you will be contacted byThe CDL School’s recruiter to see if eligible for CDL School’s programs.
2. Meet with a UWM financial coach to discuss your financing options.
3. Complete an ISA application to officially enroll in the program.

The United Way Miami Workforce Project offers the Income Share Agreement (ISA) as a way for students to finance their training program. Through an ISA, you pay nothing upfront for your job training. After graduation, there is a 3-month grace period before payments start.

Payments start only if you secure a job earning more than the minimum income threshold. This threshold is around $3,170 a month (equivalent to an annual salary of $38,000).

As part of the verification process, you will be asked to upload documentation confirming your employment status and income.

Your payment term can vary from 36 to 48 months depending on your ISA amount. Your ISA amount is the program tuition plus any living stipend you received.

Generally, your payment term is 3 years (36 months) without the living stipend option, and 4 years (48 months) with the maximum living stipend option.

Please see the “What is an Income Share Agreement (ISA)?” section above for more detail.

You are only obligated to make your ISA payments if you secure a job after graduation and earn more than the minimum income threshold ($3,170 monthly).

You do not make payments if you are unable to obtain a job or have a job earning below this minimum income threshold.

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Our students love us ...

Cian T.

Five star

This school has proven to be amazing! They got me a job where I was in a truck within a week of graduation. I ended up not liking the job 4 months later. I emailed the school to see if they could help me again. They provided me with the same support as if I was still a student. Got a new job the same day! These people care and they keep their promises! If you want to drive go to this school!!!

Leonard M.

I would recommend anyone to this school. The instructors are patient and willing to work with you, you will definitely get your money’s worth and you’re guaranteed to get your CDL like I did.

Blain S.

Fantastic staff and trainers, quick with responses and knowledgeable on training subjects.

William G.

The instructors were top notch, the best in the business. Bill W. is the trainer of the decade and the staff was super accommodating and very reasonable.